About The Spray Saver

The Spray Saver is designed to fit in most large spray bottles, those having a neck size of approximately one inch diameter. The Spray Saver has been tested in 24 different products (listed below) which include 20 different types of bottles. It fit well and diverted the suction tube in all cases.

It is designed to not only fit in the neck and divert the suction tube, it is also designed to seal once the cap assembly is reattached. However, due to the great variance in bottle neck design, we cannot guarantee that The Spray Saver will seal properly in every case. Please be cautious with tip-overs – we don’t want your cleaning fluid running all over the place!

The Spray Saver can be used in these products and more:
Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner
Formula 409
Garden Treasures Spray Bottle – 32 oz
Glade Fabric and Air
Glass Plus
Green Shield All-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser
Heavy-Duty Spray Bottle – 32 oz
Home Remedy Plus Industrial Degreaser
Hot Shot Natural Home Insect Control
Kaboom Professional
Lowe’s All-Purpose Sprayer – 32 oz
Lysol Disinfectant
Method Glass and Surface
Mr. Clean Bathroom
Naturals Glass and Surface Care
Ortho Home Defense Max
Oxi Clean Max Force
Tile & Grout Magic


A Little Bit More About Us…

The Spray Saver was conceived in early 2011 when inspiration struck while trying to use a spray bottle that was nearly out of liquid. I thought, why not divert the straw so that it remains submerged while tipping the bottle forward to spray? I worked up a basic prototype using a washer, part of the handle of a plastic milk bottle, and some Gorilla glue. It worked! As I showed it to people, everyone I spoke with said it was a great idea, so I decided to move forward with it, and here we are, two years later!

My name is Scott Huffman, and I am the inventor of The Spray Saver. My goal is to help people who feel frustrated by the difficulty of accessing that last bit of fluid in their spray bottles. My hope is that my invention will work for most of the commercial spray bottles you often use in your home, thus giving you flexibility to use The Spray Saver in all your bottles, over and over.

Thanks very much for your interest and support!